Thursday 3 September 2015
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Upcoming Android Game Pac Man Bounce

Victory Square Games and Namco Bandai Games are separately working for developing games. Now in the development of this next edition Pac Man Bounce of famous game Pac Man, these tow companies are working jointly. These companies make puzzle games for desktop.

Pac man Bounce launching Soon on Google Play

First time they are developing android game. Now Pack-man jumped onto android manifesto by making their latest edition Pac Man Bounce. And this will be their debut with releasing globally on the Google Play soon.

Pac Man bounce

Pac Man bounce

According to the developers this game story will be happy and carefree for the game players. in this game Pac-Man has to eat the snacks. After this pac-man has to go for home. Main purpose is go to home through snackland where has to eat available snacks. by watching trailer of this game we can easily assume that around what Pac man game is revolving.
Now we come to the gameplay of this great game. It is dependent on the players that players have to eat the keys and stars for making improvement in your reputation the players very well. This is mysterious game, where we have to direct the pac man to the different blocks to eat all beneficial dots for increasing the score which will help to go to next levels. This is one thing which makes a way for players to go to the next levels. Much important thing is to avoid the ghosts. These ghosts have to attack on pac man to making over your turn. These ghosts also can be consumable by consuming power pellets. There are surprising features in this game for game lovers. Pac man has above 100 mind-blowing and levels. you can enjoy the 10 flavorful worlds made of snacks. Game players have to meditate the enemies and cross the hurdles including gang of ghosts. Now most amazing feature is that we can play it with our friends on facebook.

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